December 18, 2009

the objet sonore

In this project, the relationship between artistic creations and human motion will be explored with the objet sonore; a concept derived from Pierre Schaffer's idea that sound can be considered as a separate
December 13, 2009

{synthesize} poesis

"poesis" encouraged visitors to participate in the co-authoring of a symbolic description of the relationship between an urban landscape and it's occupants. Through the metaphor of performance and performativity,
November 18, 2009


System for opening and closing umbrellas using pneumatic actuators.
November 16, 2009


Resound is a pattern sequencer that can be modified by information sent from other networked objects. A predefined rhythm is disrupted by packets delivered from neighboring microcontrollers. Using everyday
November 15, 2009


Kisses uses the three pieces of information recieved in the network project Cadavre Exquis as a communication signal to turn on LEDs on an otherwise static 2 dimensional painting. Through the Arduino
November 12, 2009

Electromask {Cadavre Exquis Project}

"Electromask" endeavours to create a communicative bridge between two worlds that are veiled from one another. Further, it attempts to convey these otherworldly intentions. While residing firmly within
November 1, 2009


LuxTag is a fast-paced, interactive, laser light game where individual players attempt to shoot light sensitive targets worn by opposing team members. The game begins when each player attaches a balloon
October 29, 2009

(sensing) “milky”

"milky" is a high-risk game in which participants are responsible for protecting other organisms' health and well-being. in order to succeed, participants must catch ordinary tap water in their mouths
October 28, 2009

Animate: Electronic Zoetrope

A  zoetrope is an early tool used to animate a series of images by affecting the viewers persistence of vision. This example represents a simple electronic version using a push button and an Arduino to
October 18, 2009

Animating an object; phantom movement.

Animate Project by P. A. Duquette & Z. Bacchus This installation is comprised of a loose pile of autumn leaves, visible within a dimly lit area (in this case a corner space in an elevator lobby).
October 15, 2009

Domestic Sound Ensemble

Animating small household appliances using solid-state relays Objective: Work with sounds emitted from electronic devices found around the home. Explore the effect these incidental sounds have on one’s
October 15, 2009

motor booty affair

For our project, we had in mind to construct a dress which could display information about women's conditions throughout history. The way we decided to approach it was to have a layer inside the dress
October 11, 2009

Play-Doh Switch

Play-Doh makes an excellent material for building a playful and tactile switch. Below are a couple switch examples that take advantage of the compounds tactile and manipulative nature. Squish(video):
October 7, 2009

straw switch

I could not test my first ideas for the switch (balloons and static) because of the rainy weather and so I had to improvise the night before the class with what I had.  A straw, a power source, the LEDs
October 3, 2009

Popsicle Switch

A switch an be made using a popsicle and a comparator where the pop serves as a resistor and as it melts, its resistance drops, triggering a change of state in the comparator. This is made possible by
October 2, 2009

Food Switch

I set out to create a circuit that would react differently to different kinds of food. I chose a representative of the vegetable food group (broccoli / potato) and a representative of the animal food group
October 1, 2009

Kitchen Habits

I am interested in different manners of retelling the ordinary. For this assignment I wanted to record repetitive gestures carried out in the kitchen by using found objects as conductive materials to create
October 1, 2009

Human EMF Sensor Switch

Human Electromagnetic Field Sensing With Arduino The Human EMF Sensor Switch includes use of an Arduino Diecimila microcontroller, a 10M ohm resister, a 9v battery, a red LED, allegator clips, and some
October 1, 2009

Salt Water Switch

Pure water is an insulator. It is the added elements in water that make it conductor. For example adding salt converts water from insulator to conductor. Saline solution is made up of Sodium Chloride (salt)
September 30, 2009

Weight Switch

So my idea for a switch is one in which it uses downward pressure to complete the circuit. Here's a schematic. I know, I may be thinking, "Well isn't that a push button?" Essentially yes.