Electromask {Cadavre Exquis Project}

Electromask” endeavours to create a communicative bridge between two worlds that are veiled from one another. Further, it attempts to convey these otherworldly intentions. While residing firmly within the world of objects, the idiosyncratic artwork embodies the unique spirit of it’s human maker. As it’s circuits reach deep into the electronic nebula that is cultivated through digital communications, the mask attempts to reconnect with it’s human origins. Electromask thus transforms the wearer into an electro-psychic medium whom is enabled to transcend computation barriers: symbolizing an important cultural advancement in support of human-to-human relations.

Beyond the tongue-in-cheek conceptual theme, this mock of up Electromask represents a potential evolution in mask work and physical theatre conventions. The mask responds to and relays data bytes being sent over the class network, created for this project. Materials: Cheese cloth, acrylic painting materials, 8 Ohm speaker, red LED, Arduino Micro-controller, metal cage. Some background on mask work, the Arduino code, as well as details regarding the construction and process of the mask can be found here and here.

ElectroMask Schematic.