Kisses uses the three pieces of information recieved in the network project Cadavre Exquis as a communication signal to turn on LEDs on an otherwise static 2 dimensional painting. Through the Arduino processor, 3 incoming bytes of information (a number between 0 and 255) are received from the closest neighbor along the network chain. These three values are then taken in by the Arduino and output to turn on the LEDs in the painting at 3 different light levels associated with the received values. For example, if one of the values received was 85, then a series of LEDs would light up at a brightness value of 85/255. The information received is also re-routed to the next closest neighbour in the network where the values transmitted are 255 minus the value recieved with a remainder of at least 3 (to ensure that the receiver doesn’t receive a zero value). The LEDs are positioned so that when the lights go off, glow-in-the-dark paint would be activated on the canvass and then in the dark, many kisses on the painting would be revealed to the observer.