(sensing) “milky”

“milky” is a high-risk game in which participants are responsible for protecting other organisms’ health and well-being. in order to succeed, participants must catch ordinary tap water in their mouths – avoiding the contamination of a live culture nest. if they fail, the water will effectively kill some of the milky probiotics and inhibit the living cultures’ reproduction process. There is a catch, however; successful game participants make an immediate personal sacrifice for long-term gains.

Rules of the game:

– Participants must catch tap-water drips in their mouths, as they fall, in order to protect Kefir culture nest.

– Drops missed will contaminate the nest and cause the temperature to fall. Kefir probiotics must sustain a temperature of 22 to 30 degrees Celsius in order to remain relatively healthy.

– A representation of the temperature and procreation activity of cultures will indicate blue (for cooling), red (for heating), and white (for ideal temperatures).Participants must catch water drops to affect the temperature, in turn influencing the healthy reproduction of the cultures.

– Participants are free to form groups to compete, or to work together cooperatively with the aim of protecting the culture nest.

Group Members:
Alec Mathewson, Craig Fahner, Morgan Sutherland, Neil Moignard, Patricia Anne Duquette, Vincent de Belleval.

Process & Schematics:
Further detail be found on the milky site.


staging set up