I will create a switch that is powered by wind. It will be in the shape of a “girouette”, and part of it will be constructed with a conductive object (a key for example). If the wind is blowing in the correct direction, the conductive element and the wires will meet to make the L.E.D light up.

Images on my CART360 website.

I like the idea of using wind to power my switch, and the “girouette” is a great way to harvest that energy. I remember how we used to make these when I was in grade school and how fun it was to run around with them. In that situation, I presume that the L.E.D will blink a lot because of the different directions you take while running. It also is interesting to let the “girouette” on it’s own and to let a natural element (the wind) choose whether the L.E.D will light or not.