October 11, 2009

Play-Doh Switch

Play-Doh makes an excellent material for building a playful and tactile switch. Below are a couple switch examples that take advantage of the compounds tactile and manipulative nature. Squish(video):
October 7, 2009

straw switch

I could not test my first ideas for the switch (balloons and static) because of the rainy weather and so I had to improvise the night before the class with what I had.  A straw, a power source, the LEDs
October 3, 2009

Popsicle Switch

A switch an be made using a popsicle and a comparator where the pop serves as a resistor and as it melts, its resistance drops, triggering a change of state in the comparator. This is made possible by
October 2, 2009

Food Switch

I set out to create a circuit that would react differently to different kinds of food. I chose a representative of the vegetable food group (broccoli / potato) and a representative of the animal food group
October 1, 2009

Kitchen Habits

I am interested in different manners of retelling the ordinary. For this assignment I wanted to record repetitive gestures carried out in the kitchen by using found objects as conductive materials to create
October 1, 2009

Human EMF Sensor Switch

Human Electromagnetic Field Sensing With Arduino The Human EMF Sensor Switch includes use of an Arduino Diecimila microcontroller, a 10M ohm resister, a 9v battery, a red LED, allegator clips, and some
October 1, 2009

Salt Water Switch

Pure water is an insulator. It is the added elements in water that make it conductor. For example adding salt converts water from insulator to conductor. Saline solution is made up of Sodium Chloride (salt)
September 30, 2009

Weight Switch

So my idea for a switch is one in which it uses downward pressure to complete the circuit. Here's a schematic. I know, I know...you may be thinking, "Well isn't that a push button?" Essentially yes.
September 24, 2009


I will create a switch that is powered by wind. It will be in the shape of a "girouette", and part of it will be constructed with a conductive object (a key for example). If the wind is blowing in the
September 23, 2009

Keymunication, a switch project

View the Keymunication project in progress at http://hybrid.concordia.ca/~cart360_vincent/students/mcn/pages/cart360_switch_inprocess.html ::V.F:: La communication nécessite l'établissement d'une