Inspired by the topic for the communicate project, this contraption visualizes the flow of data through the use of LEDs and a fan motor. The electronics are stored in a white box lined with white, semi-opaque material and covered with a mirror-framed glass. Hidden under the cloth lie red particles like the ones glued to the fan. They symbolise blood and flow when light shines upon them. They glow with the passage of information. The heart of this machine lies in the centre where it beats, regulated by the averaging of information and the passage of electricity through its red and white veins. These systems are only activated when they are needed. A proximity sensor is used to detect a presence before the contraption. The user may be interested to find their reflection surrounding the box, but the glass acts as an x-ray. Through here, the user is faced with a manifestation of the passage of information like the one in his or her body. In the passage of information through the system, energy is lost like oxygen in the blood. The contraption converts the energy it received from its user to reenergize the cell, which needs it most. 

For the project, I hoped to convey the subtle relationship between the user and his or her fascination with the interworking of data transition. A parallel with the human body seemed appropriate as this was for an exquisite corpse project. The beating heart, untouchable below the glass surface, is reminiscent of Poe’s short story where a beating. Source Code Here