November 15, 2009


My project is a little animal with magic capacities. The chinchilight have fosfluorescent organs which give to it  the opportunities to catch the light, digest it and than return the rest of the light.
November 16, 2008


Even though this is only one part of a networked ring, Toner will only pass through data after interaction from the user. Data sent in are converted to audible frequencies and the user must identify which
November 11, 2008


Mechanical bobble-heads that tap dance... believe it.  Schematics for proof:
November 10, 2008


Inspired by the topic for the communicate project, this contraption visualizes the flow of data through the use of LEDs and a fan motor. The electronics are stored in a white box lined with white, semi-opaque
November 10, 2008


Mörkö is a Finnish word and it could be translated as Bogeyman. You will understand the name when you see this little guy on the move. I wouldn't like to see this thing crawling from a dark corner
November 10, 2008

Soul in a Box

Soul in a Box With the Cadavre Exquis objective in mind, a â??corpseâ? composed of a collection of images or objects, I wanted to explore the idea of creating an ever-changing soul for the cadavre.
November 9, 2008

SH Communicate

Schematic for my communication assignment.  Uses LEDs, a motor and potentiometer.
November 9, 2008

Elisa’s brain

Here they are, Elisa's synapses. Looks simple, but don't underestimate her!