Mirror Mirror

It is now more evident then ever that our generation (and the future generations to come) our immensely obsessed and marveled with physical beauty. It is quite normal to look into a mirror and catch your reflection and to make sure that everything is in check but it is quite another to fall into a trance while staring into the mirror marveled by your own reflection. The object that I have created is a â??timerâ? that is launched when you start to look at yourself into the mirror. The timer is made visual by a blinking light; the â??blinksâ? are separated into 3 intervals of different speeds. The first set of blinks (for 15 seconds) clearly states that you have begun to look at yourself into the mirror. The second set (10 seconds) blinks much quicker, visually telling the user that they have been looking at themselves for more then 10 seconds. The third set of â??blinksâ? is much faster and visually looks like an alarm, desperately trying to tell you to snap out of it because you have been staring into the mirror for 25 seconds or more.

My schematic is very simple; a switch (when your hands are placed on the mirror), a led and 10k resistor. I didnâ??t want to make my circuit or board confusing with an abundance of unnecessary objects, I found that one led is much more affective then a group of leds.