October 17, 2009

CDM45 – Light machine

Inspired by Brion Gysin and Ian Sommerville's DreamMachine (1961) we created a light show/sculpture that can be used by anyone even without any programming, electronics knowledge that runs on three 9V
October 6, 2008


An awesome! piece about 8bit characters, the old-shool and music. http://alexismorin.com/courses/360/?page_id=19
October 6, 2008

Head Games

My animate project is two mutilated toy heads that play a game with each other. The game doesn't have any rules. The heads are not trying to win the game, to them there is no game. They just create an
October 6, 2008


Kinetic Drawdio is a multisensorial experience. The audio-drawing characteristic of Drawdio is enhanced by a kinetic sculpture. The drawing experience is translated into sound and then into movement by
October 6, 2008

For the ladies

You don't want to split your heart between two girls? Use my dynamic image frame and get happy with both! Here's the schematic to your satisfaction:
October 6, 2008


Say hi to the Spinster, a robot of sorts whose sole purpose in "life" is to spin aimlessly.  Intention is great, because it lets me explain what I would have done to the Spinster had I had the time
October 6, 2008

Mirror Mirror

It is now more evident then ever that our generation (and the future generations to come) our immensely obsessed and marveled with physical beauty. It is quite normal to look into a mirror and catch your
October 5, 2008


This device takes the notion of changing over time to a very literal level, using the hands of an analog clock as an external variable that affects the conductivity of the circuit, triggering a constantly
October 5, 2008

{Not} a Wind Chime

This is an audio mobile made from recyclable material. It is a criticism on the effect humans have on nature. It replaces the wind of a wind chime with a motor, the bamboo (or other possibly natural material)