CDM45 – Light machine

Inspired by Brion Gysin and Ian Sommerville‘s DreamMachine (1961) we created a light show/sculpture that can be used by anyone even without any programming, electronics knowledge that runs on three 9V batteries. The DreamMachine used a record player and a lamp to create a hypnagogic effect to be viewed with eyes closed, our project however is much more interactive, and is based on the interface and contribution of the user. The portability, as well as the interface of 5 switches and a potentiometer of the object was key to is user-friendlyness. Users simply modify a CD, by either drawing on it, scratching it, placing tape over it or anything else the user can image, and “play” the CD nt he front of the CDM45, manipulating the speed of the spin, and the lights place behind the CD. ┬áThe different light pass through the CD, creating a lighting effect that can be viewed in a dark room.

By: Jason Roussel & Drausio R. Haddad