8th September – 24th November


Interface and Interaction Design

Due: 15th September
Everyone (All of CART360)

Understanding People and Context

Due: 22nd September

Marie + Seva

Taking Control of Gesture Interaction

Due: 29th September

Zach + Alex

Learning and Thinking with Things

Due: 6th October
Sophia + Fedor

Musical Instrument Design

Due: 13th October
Rebecca + Emily

Emerging Technology and Toy Design

Due: 20th October
Tom + Jurre

Designing for Collaborative Robotics

Due: 27th October
David + Richard

Design for the Networked World

Due: 3rd November
Patrick + Geoff

Designing Human-Robot Relationships

Due: 10th November
Kimberley + Travis

Architecture as Interface

Due: 17th November
Claudia, Alessia + Mirlande

Intelligent Materials

Due: 17th November
Chris + Alexandra

Fashion with Function: Designing for Wearables

Due: 24th November
Isabelle + Sebastian

Embeddables: The Next Evolution of Wearable Tech

Due: 24th November
Alexandria + Liane